Swarmy MSNBC host Ari Melber, during a broadcast of his show The Beat with Ari Melber, made several bizarre and blandly false statements about the recently released report of Special Counsel Robert Hur, who was charged by Attorney General Merrick Garland with investigating President Joe Biden for his retention of classified and top secret documents. That shocking report revealed that investigators concluded that Biden willfully retained documents both when he was a U.S. Senator, and Vice President in violation of the law. The report also described President Joe Biden as an “elderly man with a poor memory,” thus excusing Biden’s illegal actions and recommending that he not be prosecuted. During his interview with federal investigators, President Biden failed to remember which years he served as Vice President under Barack Obama, as well the year in which his son Beau Biden passed away.

During a press conference about the report, President Joe Biden claimed that he was exonerated, and even became visibly enraged while making the assertion that investigators asked him about the death of his son. It was later revealed that it was Biden himself who raised the issue of his son’s death rather than Special Counsel Hur’s investigators. The President angrily denied that there was anything wrong with his memory. Biden then held up a rosary that he claimed to have worn since his son died, claiming the rosary was given to him by “our Lady of……,” before trailing off because he could not remember who had given him the rosary. In the same press conference, Biden mistakenly referred to the President of Egypt as the President of Mexico all the while insisting there was nothing wrong with his memory or comprehension.

Biden told America that he “doesn’t need” anybody to remind him about the death of his son. He told an absolute lie about investigators raising the issues of his son to the American people in an attempt to gain sympathy. Biden also lied about sharing classified material with his ghost writer, which the Hur report stated, “risked serious damage to America’s national security.” New evidence, revealed by anonymous sources to NBC News, relays that it was actually Biden who first brought up the death of his son during an interview with investigators. While the Hur report was damning as it pertains to Biden’s health, it was also damning because of the conduct described by Robert Hur.

The report states, definitively, that Biden willfully retained classified documents. It also states that Biden failed to cooperate with federal authorities in a search of his Delaware home, shattering the false narrative that Biden cooperated with authorities, while former President Trump did not. Most importantly, because these documents were taken during Biden’s Vice Presidency, and Senate terms, Joe Biden had no authority to take possession of these documents. The only reason that investigators did not recommend charges, by their own admission, is because of the extremely questionable nature of Biden’s health.

The fact that this report contains damning information about the President’s conduct, and ability, didn’t stop left wing pundits from attempting to obfuscate the truth on the matter, namely, Ari Melber of MSNBC. In Melber’s coverage of the Hur report, the diminutive MSNBC host claimed that the Hur investigation ‘cleared’ Joe Biden of any wrongdoing. Melber said:

“This exhaustive investigation led by a Trump-era holdover prosecutor cleared him of the wrongdoing of classified documents. No charges, end of story, case closed, good news”

Ari Melber on Hur Investigation

Clearly Melber either did not read the report, or is willfully obfuscating the Special Counsel’s conclusions.

Melber incredibly also makes the false claim that Robert Hur is connected to Donald Trump, or holds a loyalty to Trump. Hur actually worked within the Justice Department both for former acting Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, as well as FBI Director Christopher Wray. The fact of the matter is that Attorney General Merrick Garland, a Biden appointee, was the person responsible for assigning Hur to this investigation. The baseless accusation by Melber that Hur is Republican is both false and laughable. 

The investigation, in no way, cleared Biden of any wrongdoing. Moreover, the oily MSNBC host fails to mention the fact that Hur is not the person responsible for charging President Biden. Hur, as an investigator, can only recommend charges. The charging is left to Attorney General Merrick Garland, who ultimately is supposed to have the apolitical power to decide whether or not Biden should be charged. Unfortunately, that’s not how the system currently functions, especially in the Biden Administration, as Attorney General Merrick Garland has overseen the most overt politicization of the United States Justice Department in the history of the bureau.

Being a fast-talking lawyer himself, Melber fully understands that Merrick Garland would ultimately be responsible for charging Biden, and given the fact that Garland was appointed to become a Supreme Court Justice by Barack Obama, and has serious ties to the most powerful elements of the Democratic political establishment, Melber knows that no charges will be brought. He’s simply trying to misdirect attention.

As far as former President Trump is concerned, he was President. Trump never had access to classified materials in any other political position, because he only ever held one office… The Presidency. The Presidential Records Act of 1997 essentially allows the President to retain whatever documents he wishes. In fact Federal Judge Amy Berman-Jackson once famously ruled that former President Bill Clinton was entitled to keep classified documents in his sock drawer during his post-presidency years.

The President also has full power to declassify whatever documents he wants. With the narrative that Biden cooperated with federal authorities now shattered, we have to ask an important question… Why was Trump raided, but Biden wasn’t?

Melber’s mischaracterization of this report is shocking to say the least, but only if you have never seen him in action before. Ari Melber routinely obfuscates the truth, using tactics such as AI manipulation and flat out lies to craft the narrative which is most beneficial to his allies in the Democrat Party.


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