The red wave didn’t happen. Although the House of Representatives now belongs to a slim margin of Republicans, it was not the slaughter house (pun intended) that many predicted. The Senate is still hanging in the balance, thanks to the upcoming Georgia run-off election.

Two exit poll issues were abortion and democracy. The Supreme Court’s Dobbs v. Jackson decision and too much chatter regarding election fraud made many voters push economic, public safety and health problems aside.

Part of that is because of the safety nets that are in place–unemployment insurance, food stamps, housing vouchers (Section 8) and rental assistance chief among them. If people were truly suffering as they were during The Great Depression, Republicans would have had their red wave, no doubt about it.

So, where does the party go from here? I believe the answer is in reaching the youth and that can be done partially by sponsoring free or reduced priced trade schools. Many sectors of our economy are in desperate need of employees…imagine if the Grand Old Party helped young Americans get good paying jobs, debt free?

Student loan debt is another major issue that’s on the minds of young people and their parents. If this could be avoided or completely mitigated by the GOP, imagine what that could do for public relations? Many don’t think Republicans have a heart/compassion for their fellow Americans. This could work!

So many Democratic organizations hand out college tuition scholarships. No doubt these free handouts influence political viewpoints. Certainly, good karma points will be scored at the very least. Workers compensation reformation, which would ensure that people who are physically injured during the course of tough blue collar labor aren’t neglected, would also go a long way.

Workers compensation is an issue that not even Mike “Dirty Jobs” Rowe will touch, but it’s an issue that needs to be addressed in order to persuade young Americans to put their bodies at risk. Also, why not start some Republican-backed workers’ unions?

Why not start more Republican special interest groups and media outlets? What is stopping the GOP from taking some tips from the Democratic playbook and using it to their advantage?

Why are taxpayers in the year 2022 still footing the bills for college majors that have very little job prospects? It’s well past time for this practice to end! Focusing on in-demand trades and promoting these programs in high schools will go a long way towards helping American society.

It’s time for Republicans to fully support medical freedom by staying out of women’s wombs. It’s time for them to give up on the election machine and mail-in ballot issue…true or not, the laws aren’t going to change until Republicans fix the situation. Give Democrats the least amount of political ammunition as possible in 2024. Softer rhetoric may help as well.


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