Vice President Kamala Harris appeared on the ‘Kids Choice Awards’ earlier this month. On March 13, Harris appeared to accept the ‘Generation Change Award’.

The strange thing is that it doesn’t seem that the kids actually vote for the recipient of the ‘Generation Change Award’.

The ‘Generation Change Initiative’ was something started by Viacom, the parent company of Nickelodeon. Viacom also owns BET, CMT, Comedy Central, MTV, Paramount, TV-Land, and VH-1.

They have brought out the ‘Generation Change Presentation’ before, including at prior ‘Kids Choice Award’ ceremonies, and ‘MTV award’ ceremonies.

5 women were given with generation change award at the 2020 MTV awards for ‘Racial and Social Justice’ . (

Lebron James was the presenter at last years ‘Kid Choice Awards’

It isn’t unusual for Vice President Harris to accept something she didn’t win. Of course, she went for it. She used her platform to give a strange, fearmongering speech in which she encouraged kids to listen to everything government tells them to do.

The clip is just strange. Harris is as fake as they come, but her propaganda just becomes flat out eerie when you add the fake crowd noise and strange graphics. It feels like something cheap. Something that happens in a place like North Korea, where communist dictators expect to get away with bold faced lying.

She mentions President Biden, who of course, was nowhere to be seen. Joe doesn’t make many appearances anymore. The White House staff like to keep him locked away.

She then goes on to LIE right to the kid’s faces, telling them that ‘we’re doing everything we can to make sure all of our students and our young leaders can get back to school’. Of course, government is the only reason that kids are not back in school.

She then goes on to tell the kids that if government does everything right, then maybe the kids will be able to see their friends and loved ones again. The level of control is sickening. I have a hard time believing that even children would fall for this nonsense.


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