It seems like just yesterday that we were hearing that Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, would be receiving an Emmy for his daily press briefings on COVID-19. The press and Hollywood simply fawned over the Governor, especially his innate ability to blame Donald Trump for everything.

The governor railed against Trump several times in press conferences, citing that Trump should “do his job”!

Maybe, just maybe, Andrew Cuomo should have spent a little more time doing HIS job.

It was reported a few weeks ago that Andrew Cuomo and his administration actively tried to cover up nursing home death numbers in the state, all in fear of political backlash.

The numbers that they reported left out almost one-third of the total deaths. That’s not all!

Early on in the pandemic, Cuomo made the insane move of sending the sick Covid patients of New York INTO the nursing homes. This unbelievably stupid policy likely cost New York thousands of lives. Cuomo knew that, so he covered it up. When a New York Assemblyman, Ron Kim, talked about reporting the sinister activities of the Cuomo administration, Cuomo apparently threatened Kim, telling him that he “would destroy him”.

This guy is a GOVERNOR? What a THUG!

Now that Cuomo has been revealed to be a goon, many others are coming out with allegations. There have been THREE new allegations of sexual harrassment, including a claim that involves a photo.

Cuomo allegedly asked to kiss the girl, then was rejected in an uncomfortable situation.

Witness says Cuomo made unwanted advance toward woman during 2019 wedding -  CNNPolitics

The New York Congress responded by revoking Cuomo’s emergency powers, and have moved forward with impeachment proceedings, having bipartisan support. It seems that Cuomo is cooked.

While the media will never cover it, let us not forget that several other Governors had the exact same insane policy when it came to nursing homes.

Gretchen Whitmer, the Democrat Governor of Michigan, did the exact same thing as Cuomo, sending many sick patients into nursing homes filled with healthy, at risk people.

Tom Wolf, Democrat Governor of Pennsylvania, did the exact same thing.

Gavin Newsom, Democrat Governor of California, did the exact same thing.

Phil Murphy, Democrat Governor of New Jersey, did the exact same thing.

House Minority leader, Steve Scalise, outlined their horrible decision making in this statement.

It is not enough to just let Cuomo take the fall. Though his sexual harassment should be punished, it is nothing in comparison to the thousands that he killed in the nursing homes. We MUST hold these criminal governors accountable for what they have done. They have not only harmed their own states, but driven up the death toll for our nation. This lock down has hurt so many in so many way, and much of the reasoning used to justify it was based on the criminal actions of a few Democrat governors.

The states belonging to these corrupt Governors make up FIVE of the TOP TEN states in Covid deaths. All because of corruption and political games. These people are criminal, and we can beat them by constantly talking about it.

For those wondering “Why are Florida and Texas near the top?” “Aren’t those anti-lock down states? That’s dangerous!”

The CDC requires the states to put Covid as the number one cause of death, even if their are other problems. For example, lets say that you have had cancer for years, decline in health, and eventually die. If at time of death you test positive for Covid, they mark you as a Covid death. You an find the directive here (

This is a HUGE part of the scam, along with the inflation from nursing home corruption.



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