The COVID-19 Vaccine was pushed on the people of the world like no medical treatment ever created. In the United States, in an unprecedented move, President Donald Trump handed pharmaceutical companies Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson and Johnson immunity from any liability.

The Emergency Order that they were created under allowed the COVID-19 Vaccines to forgo many of the tests that had held mRNA vaccines from public availability for many years.

It was only under the pandemic restrictions forced onto the public that these vaccines were ever able to hit the marketplace. This was despite the fact that COVID-19 has a survival rate north of 99.9% for nearly ever age group.

There was never any kind of justification for the lockdowns, or the measures that allowed these mRNA vaccines to be produced. Taxpayers forked over an estimated $40 Billion for their development.

Once the vaccine was released, the devastation became a reality for millions of Americans. The Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System, co-managed by the CDC and FDA, is described on the CDC’s own website as ‘part of the larger vaccine safety system in the United States’.

This very system has now recorded a total of 31,470 deaths reported in relation to the COVID-19 vaccine. That outnumbers the total of all other cumulative vaccine deaths ever recorded by VAERS, dating back to the year 1990.

This is a truly unbelievable number. We have to ask if the CDC and FDA’s own reporting system is recording more deaths surrounding this vaccine than any other vaccine ever produced, combined, why they continue to push it.

When reviewing this information, we must keep in mind the pressure that was applied throughout the country surrounding this vaccine. The mainstream media openly declared war on anybody who did not take the COVID-19 vaccine.

The CDC event went as far as to change the definition of vaccine that they were using. A FOIA request covered by Launch Liberty revealed that there was internal panic over the fact that the COVID-19 jabs did not fit their prior definition of vaccine.

Biden even encouraged cities and counties to FIRE emergency responders that refused to get the COVID jab.

Dr. Anthony Fauci encouraged the unvaccinated to be banned from domestic air travel, and even said that taxpayer funded schools should force students to get the deadly COVID jab in order to attend.

Biden even attempted to force private businesses to adopt COVID-19 mandates, in one of the most unbelievable tyrannical edicts that has ever been issued in the history of American government.

The Biden Administration has used these vaccines, which their own reporting systems say is the deadliest vaccine ever produced, as a weapon against the American people.

The pharmaceutical companies that received the contracts to create this vaccine have enjoyed tremendous financial success since the emergency orders.

It has even been revealed that the government was claiming joint ownership of the COVID-19 vaccine just weeks before the pandemic began.

There have been a total of 1,473,273 adverse events recorded surrounding this vaccine. It has devastated the lives of millions of Americans, especially when you consider the loved ones of those who have died in its wake.

Those who criticized this vaccine, and the mandates, have been labeled the enemy by our government from the start. Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla even suggested that anybody who talks about vaccine side effects should be arrested.

This is despite the fact that his EU Parliament testimony revealed that Pfizer never even tested the COVID-19 vaccines for transmission.

This has been a ruse from the start, and a dangerous one at that.

We must never forget what these people did to our country. More importantly, we cannot allow for them to escape with the billions of dollars they have stolen without paying for their crimes.

We just had news this week that the CDC is adding the COVID-19 vaccine to the child vaccine schedule. Schools, and workplaces around the country are continuing to force their employees to get these shots in order to attend.

It is criminal. Every one of these people needs to pay for their crimes.

We must never stop fighting, and we must never stop exposing the truth. Launch Liberty will never stop fighting!





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