Yesterday, Major League Baseball announced that it was moving the All Star Game from Georgia in 2021 after Georgia lawmakers passed a voting reform bill. The bill includes expanding early voting on weekends, and requiring ID in requesting and submitting an absentee ballot.

Former President Donald Trump issued this statement condemning the reaction, saying that he supports a boycott of the MLB. He also went on to slam other ‘woke’ companies, like Coke and Delta.

Trump calls for BOYCOTT of 'woke' Major League Baseball after All-Star Game  is pulled out of Georgia

GOP Congressmen are responding with legislation to remove the anti-trust protection given to Major League Baseball. The exemption allows for the MLB to block franchise relocations, and allows them to be exempt from all federal commerce law. This is a unique status that Major League Baseball has enjoyed since 1922. Nearly 100 years.

Baseball has not had a relocation, the likes of which we see regularly in the NFL, for 30 years.

The protections that have allowed for this level of control are now coming under fire, as several GOP Congressmen have announced their plans to support legislation removing the anti-trust status. This is a fantastic counter punch. Let us ENSURE and INSIST that the Congressmen follow through.

Let it be known that we are DONE with the woke mob. We are no longer cowering in fear to their demands. Instead, we counter-punch… politically. We beat them at their own game.

A majority of Americans SUPPORT Voter I.D. What Major League Baseball did to its fans and the city of Atlanta over a leftist outcry is reprehensible. Their organization deserves to fail. I will NEVER watch, or attend another game. I hope you will join my boycott.

Americans are stronger than they have ever been. It just takes a realization of who is in control. If we make it clear that our rights are not to be trifled with, we will win in the end. Removing this protection will open the MLB up to a bevy of new lawsuits and expenses. It is a HUGE blow to their corporate suits. A PERFECT counter.

Go woke, go broke.


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