Last week both candidates for Governor in Maryland headed down to Baltimore City in order to assist in handing out bottled water. West Baltimore is currently under a ‘boil advisory’ as an E. Coli contamination was discovered earlier in the week.

Republican candidate Dan Cox assisted in passing out water from Deliverance Temple Sanctuary Ministries and Simmons Memorial Baptist Church.

Democrat candidate Wes Moore, however, was handing out water that was donated by Home Depot. Home Depot reportedly donated 500 cases of water to be distributed by the Moore campaign. The question is, why is Home Depot assisting Wes Moore in his campaign?

One of the greatest allies of Governor Hogan throughout his time in politics is a well-known man by the name of Gary Mangum. Hogan has spoken of Mangum often, even posting about him in social media.

To understand the level of their friendship, we must look to a 2018 donation Mangum made to the Republican Governor’s Association. He donated a total $20k to the RGA on 5/15/18.

Larry Hogan would take his seat as the Vice Chairman of the Republican Governor’s Association just a month later on 6/21/18. A mere coincidence?

Mangum owned Bell Nursery LLC, which just so happened to control every Home Depot Nursery in the State of Maryland. The Bell Nursery website even brags about how closely they work with the management of Home Depot.

From there, I began to look into the political donations of Gary Mangum. I wanted to see who he was donating to in this prior cycle. I encountered some of the usual suspects.

He gave $6k to Kelly Schulz, the Hogan choice for Governor on April 23rd, 2021. Mangum also gave $6k to her Lt. Governor Jeff Woolford.

Mangum also assisted Hogan’s own daughter, Jaymi Sterling, with $5k on November 12th, 2021. Sterling won her nomination for State’s Attorney in St. Mary’s County on July 19th.

We expected Gary Mangum, great friend of Larry Hogan, to donate to the political allies and family of Larry Hogan. That is why he also gave money to MDGOP Chair Dirk Haire’s wife, Jessica Haire, who won her nomination for Anne Arundel County Executive.

The MDGOP Establishment is firmly behind Larry Hogan. That is why they have been silent as Hogan continues to levy attacks on Republican nominee Dan Cox and his supporters throughout the mainstream media.

Mangum also gave to Nicolee Ambrose, who this site has covered many times in the recent past.

Hogan, as I have reported, is gearing up for a 2024 Presidential run. He has everything lined up. These people are looking to ride his coattails, and to burn their voters in the process.

Mangum also donated to Barry Glassman, a disgraced candidate for Harford County Executive who was exposed for donating money to Wes Moore. Moore turned around and funded his opponent.

He donated to many top Democrats across the State. He donated a total of $1500 to Democrat Gubernatorial candidate Peter Franchot.

He also gave to Democrat Anthony Brown, who is currently running for Attorney General. It should be noted that before Michael Anthony Peroutka secured the nomination, Mangum donated to Hogan-endorsed Jim Shalleck. Shalleck was defeated.

Mangum also donated to State Senate Democrat Antonio Hayes who represents the 40th District in Baltimore City. Yet another Democrat supported by this ally of Larry Hogan.

Why would a top supporter of Larry Hogan, Republican Governor, be putting money into Democrat campaigns? Not just any Democrat campaigns, but people like Anthony Brown and Peter Franchot?

Mangum and Hogan

It points to larger issues within the Maryland Republican Party. The people that control the MDGOP are wholly against the people that they claim to represent, and so are their donors.

There is no question, based on the evidence in this article that Gary Mangum not only has close ties to Larry Hogan, but that he also has ties to the management at Home Depot.

We also know from his donations that he is more than willing to fund Democrats… Is it possible that Hogan ally Gary Mangum arranged this donation of 500 cases of water to the Wes Moore campaign?

Keep in mind, Larry Hogan did take the opportunity to take many smiling photos with Wes Moore just last month. He has conversely used every opportunity to trash Republican nominee Dan Cox and his supporters in the media.

It is vitally important to remember that within these political donations lies a certain amount of influence. We revealed earlier in this article that Mangum gave $1000 to Jessica Haire.

Haire, as a Councilmember, introduced a bill in which nursery regulations (the same kind run by Gary Mangum) received an update. This bill was called Bill 57-22.

This bill would have directly benefitted Mr. Mangum, any coincidence that he also donates to her campaign? Do we elect politicians to serve We the People, or their wealthy donors?

This site is not the first to discuss Hogan donors going to Wes Moore, as the Washington Post ran an article on the subject just last week. You have to ask yourself, how can the donors and leaders of the Maryland Republican Party lead us into a general election whilst endorsing our opponents?

Did Gary Mangum help get these 500 cases of water for Wes Moore? It’s a question worth asking.





  1. Troy, you ask some good questions but the answer is even more nefarious than you imagined. Gary Mangum grows marijuana and is one of 12 growers granted a license by Larry Hogan to grow “medical” marijuana in Maryland. Wes Moore supports the legalization of recreational pot. Mangum’s donations to Jessica Haire running for Anne Arundel County Executive, also obvious – his pot grow facility is located in Anne Arundel County. But to clear the record, Mangum is a principle-free, equal opportunist but he is no Republican. Mangum has a pattern of promoting progressive activists for political office as they share interest in pot legalization and generally make sport out of other’s misery.

    • You are very correct! That’s why Carroll County Sen. Justin Ready, a Hogan lackey, supported several marijuana growers in Carroll County by writing letters on their behalf to the group given authority over who got the licenses. It was all very secret and kept from Carroll voters.

  2. Lockdown Larry is certainly looking to run for President and I hope he does! He’ll use up a lot of rino $$ and do, maybe, as well as O’Malley did. One of the dirt little secrets of campaigning is that donations you don’t use can be funneled to others… so, while Larry won’t get any votes he’ll certainly get plenty of $$ to use to be king-maker in MD politics. Not to mention continue to use his “political stature” to personally benefit his “small business” of massive land acquisition and development. Hogan and his lackey team are all in it for themselves and their own pockets.


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