Nancy Pelosi announced today that there will be a House Investigation on the events of January 6th, 2021.

You can watch Pelosi make the statement here.

Even though an entire impeachment trial has already failed, the Democrats cannot let this one go. The real question is why there was no investigation into the events of December 8th, 2018.

Never heard of December 8th, 2018? Of course you haven’t. The media doesn’t cover it!

On December 8th, 2020, a group called the ‘Sunrize Movement’ organized a protest that lead to an unlawful intrusion of the Capitol building.

Image: Supporters of the \"Green New Deal\" rally inside the Longworth House Office Building in Washington on Dec. 10, 2018.

NBC News wrote a loving article about the protestors, 100 of whom were arrested for unlawfully entering the Capitol building. Media outrage? ZERO. This event was barely even covered.

The protestors on December 8th, 2018 cornered members of Congress, and even went as far to enter Congressional offices.

I guess it’s only an ‘insurrection’ when the mainstream media disagrees with the politics of the protestors.

We will likely never have an investigation into the events of December 8th, 2020. We will, however, be forced to watch Nancy Pelosi cry about the ‘insurrection’ on January 6th. What Pelosi also fails to talk about is her own government’s involvement in the events of January 6th.

Gateway Pundit posted a piece just last week showing the FBI actively recruiting former military members to ‘infiltrate the crowd’ on January 6th.

Did the Feds play a part in this ‘insurrection’? It seems that way!

Pelosi would rather concoct the manipulative, stupid, and insane idea that 1-6-21 was an insurrection. Ignoring relevant events. Ignoring relevant information.

Meanwhile, Americans have been suffering from the tyranny of government for the last year. Now emerging from their government-enduced lockdowns, Americans are finding that everything is more expensive.

Inflation is exploding, and so is our debt.

Inflation: As prices rise fast, White House and Fed work to ease fears

Inflation has become the NUMBER ONE issue for the American voter over the last few months. Everyday people are beginning to feel the sting of big government.

It was the insane spending policies of people like Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden that got us into this mess. Republicans are not blameless either. Under Republican leadership, Congress passed astronomical budget after astronomical budget. They refused to cut spending, and now the people are paying the price.

Democrats Make a Down Payment on a Radically More Just Economy | The Nation

One thing is for certain. We know exactly who did this to our Country. Ruthless Democrats and Establishment Republicans turned a blind eye to China, the country responsible for the release of COVID-19.

Now given the chance to investigate China for the hell that they unleashed on our people, Congress is backing down. They would rather target people like 73 year old James Cusick, a pastor and Veteran. Cusick received a Purple Heart for his service. On January 6th, he entered the Capitol building. Today, the FBI came to his house and took him away in handcuffs.

He didn’t attack anybody, he didn’t assault anyone. He stole no property, and he even reportedly spoke to a Capitol Police officer who showed him the restroom.

The US Government would rather assault Veterans for expressing their First Amendment right than to take on the creator of COVID-19, China. This is how insane our government has become.

China has inflicted massive economic wounds on the American public with it’s release of COVID-19. However, China did not act alone. The China Virus would have had very little impact on our country had if it had not been for the self destructive policies of our corrupt politicians.

Missouri files lawsuit against China over coronavirus, Beijing calls claims  'absurd'

Our bought off political and medical establishment, allied with the Communist Chinese, have attempted to bring the American economy to its knees.

It is absolutely horrific that something like this was allowed to happen to our country. It can NEVER happen again. We need a FULL investigation into the origins of this virus. We also need a FULL investigation into the activities of our governing officials during the pandemic.

Who were they contacting? Who was influencing their idiotic and destructive policy decisions?

Live updates: Nancy Pelosi town hall

Seems like a good question, but not to Nancy Pelosi.

Pelosi has moved to block a House investigation into the origins of COVID-19. We will have to see a change in House leadership in order to find out exactly who brought our country to a grinding halt, and why.

This Speaker and her Democratic colleagues are making things very clear. China isn’t the enemy of the political establishment, WE THE PEOPLE ARE!

If you want to investigate the largest crime of January 6th, you might want to look into the unnecessary and ruthless murder of 14 year Air Force Veteran Ashli Babbit. She was the only individual murdered that day.

What we know about Ashli Babbitt, the Air Force veteran who was killed at  the Capitol | WJLA

Unfortunately, our lawmakers have dismissed Babbitt’s murder, totally. They say that she deserved it. How SICK this government has become.





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