The Maryland Department of Health (DOH) altered data on the page in what can only be an attempt to hide how Maryland’s health care system has been collapsing under the weight of Governor Larry Hogan’s vaccine mandates.

This is the State of Maryland’s hospital occupancy from Sunday, 9-26.  We will be focusing on the area circled in red on the right side of the chart.

The significance of the blue area and the red line denoting the 85% occupancy level needs to be explained first.

First, the layman’s explanation:                                                                                                      

The more the blue area extends above the red line, the less likely you are to be treated in a timely manner if you have to go to the hospital, and the more likely your disease or injury will kill or permanently maim you.

Now the technical explanation:

That red line – the 85% occupancy level – is a direct indicator of how many health care staff are working: hospitals do not keep beds open if there are no nurses or doctors available to treat the patients in those beds.  This is why the red line fluctuates – hospitals raise and lower the number of beds either based on:

  • the number of nurses and doctors available that day; or
  • the number of patients flooding the hospitals (which the charts show never actually happened during the entire pandemic, meaning none of the vaccine, distancing, or mask mandates were necessary).

Thus, in the 9-26 graph above, the blue area that has been consistently growing above the red line In July, August, and September shows that fewer nurses and doctors are available to treat Marylanders who enter the hospital.  This is directly due to the hospital vaccine mandates: health workers are quitting and are being fired for refusing the vaccine.  If you get into a car crash, you are in serious trouble.

In the 9-26 chart you can clearly see that the vaccine mandate has created a greater health care crisis than the actual COVID pandemic you see on the far-left side of the chart!

And this is the same chart from Tuesday, 9-28, two days later:

Comparing the right side of the 9-26 and 9-28 charts side by side, you can see that the red line in the 9-28 chart now conveniently covers the exposed blue area of the 9-26 graph!

The entire red line showing the state’s 85% hospital occupancy level has been lifted upwards by the Maryland Department of Health by 4% to cover the exposed blue area of the 9-26 graph in an attempt to show the state’s health care system is not collapsing under the weight of Hogan’s vaccine mandates. 

The following screenshots taken August 10, 2021 and viewed against screenshots taken October 8, 2021 show how the Maryland Department of Health artificially altered hospital occupancy data upwards by 4% to cover the increasing impact of vaccine mandates, as well as to give the public the false impression that Governor Hogan has been effectively managing the entire course of the COVID-19 response.

Governor Hogan’s vaccine mandate has plunged Maryland into a health care crisis that is actually worse than the crisis caused by COVID-19 itself.  This crisis so bad that the Maryland Department of Health has resorted to protecting Hogan’s presidential run by altering the hospital occupancy data in an attempt to convince Marylanders that everything is fine while the floor falls out beneath us. 

This is a clear case of data fraud intended to protect a governor whose COVID vaccine mandates are destroying Maryland’s health care system worse than COVID could ever hope to. God help us if Hogan becomes president.





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