On April 21st 2022, Former President Barack Obama gave a speech at Stanford University in California detailing his thoughts on the current social media climate in the United States.

During the speech, Obama called for many regulations on social media companies. ‘Regulation HAS to be part of the answer’ said Obama.

The main topic of this speech, social media, became a fixation towards the end of the speech.

“The Product Has Some Design Flaws… We Can Make It Better” said Obama

He then went on to claim that censorship on the internet would always be a ‘value judgement’, and that some things are just ‘inherently more true’ than others.

Obama claims that decisions by social media companies need to subject to government oversight, which he calls ‘public oversight’, and regulation. He even wants to control who can advertise on platforms.

The speech began with the usual Democrat talking points. The former President referred to Vladimir Putin, and other ‘strawmen’ around the world who are ‘subverting democracy’.

Obama then began to criticize Republicans for attempting strengthen our voting system with ID requirements.

Republicans passed a bill requiring an ID to request and submit a mail-in ballot in Georgia. In Arizona ,the State legislator passed a bill in order to stop ballot harvesting practices. That law was upheld by the Supreme Court.

These laws, to Obama and the Democrats, are ‘restricting the vote’. Polls have shown that voters largely support these measures. These same polls also show that 1/3 of American voters are skeptical about the 2020 Election, something Obama hammers on during this speech.

Obama went on to claim that Donald Trump and the Republican party are using ‘racism and bigotry’ to appeal to voters.

In the strangest part of the speech, Obama says that ‘virtues like tolerance, and respect for democratic processes’ can be put aside in the ‘rush to protect US from THEM’.

This part of the speech, in particular, highlights an underlying current of anger that Obama used during his entire presidency.

This man has stoked the fires of American rage far more than any other American politician alive today. His contributions to the lawless criminal chaos that ensues in our streets today are immeasurable.

The stoking of racial anxiety was a calling card of the Obama Administration. Racial tensions reached a near fevered pitch by the end of his presidency. Race riots reemerged under President Obama.

Michael Brown, and the riots that followed his death in Ferguson, Missouri were allowed to take place while law enforcement sat and watched from afar. The rioters did an estimated $4.6 million in damages.

Freddie Gray, and the devastating Baltimore riots of 2015 occurred during Obama’s presidency. Rioters and looters were given space by then Democrat Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake to do an estimated $9 Million worth of damage.

Lawless behavior became the norm under President Obama. Now, with a drooling vegetable Joe Biden in office, Obama is mounting his campaign again.

What kind of statement is “virtues like tolerance, and respect for democratic processes” can be put aside “in the rush to protect US FROM THEM”?

What kind of person makes that statement? What does it say about the true, underlying feelings of the Left?

It shows a rabid intent. The blatant hypocrisy is scary.

Obama, almost in the same breathe, tells us that questioning the results of the 2020 Election is unacceptable. It is the work of Russian trolls, HOWEVER, Obama also says that Russians STOLE the 2016 Election.

Which is it, sir? Are our Elections safe, and secure? Or, are they corrupt and penetrable by foreign infiltrators?

Is there not MORE evidence of fraud in the 2020 Election than the 2020 Election? I have detailed the Arizona audit dismissed by Obama in this speech.

Obama claims that the audit found ‘more votes’ for Joe Biden after its conclusion. This is a complete falsehood. The vote totals, including ballots discovered to be fraudulent, were included in that count.

The count was part of an initial leak brought to the air by a frothing Rachel Maddow and MSNBC as part of a ‘partial leak’ of CyberNinja CEO Doug Logan’s Senate presentation.

The actual totals found THOUSANDS of ballots that were duplicated. Over 17k individuals submitted a total of 34k ballot in Maricopa County alone. In some cases, ballots had been duplicated up to 4 times.

There is no doubt… The 2020 Election was far from legitimate. The results of this fraudulent Election have allowed for puppets of our Former President, Barack Obama, to again take the reigns of power.

Now that entrepreneur Elon Musk has taken over Twitter, with this speech being made just days after he made his initial offer, it seems that our government is salivation to get involved.

It is important to note that Obama voiced support for changing, and maybe even repealing Section 230. Section 230 is the statute that allows social media platforms to not be held legally accountable for what is posted on their platforms.

This is a talking point that has been used by many people on the Right for many years. Does Obama’s support signal a trap door?

Could the revocation of Section 230 pave the way for government intervention? Possibly.

It is no concidence that just after this speech was made, Jen Psaki echoed the sentiments of Obama in her daily press briefing after learning of Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter being made official.

Lockstep. Does anybody actually think Dementia Joe is running things? It seems pretty clear that this White House is following the lead of the former President, not the current one.

One thing is for certain. This government is dead set on grabbing power. They will do it any way they can.

NOTE- I want to give a special thanks to Crowdsource the Truth on Youtube, Patreon, and Subscribestar for putting out a video on this speech which spurred my interest. Please check out Jason and his work, he is fantastic.

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