WATCH: 11,000 Migrants Charge Police in Guatemala,Caravan en route to U.S. Border

After Coronavirus restrictions have hammered the South American economy, thousands of migrants are now descending upon the U.S. Border seeking “asylum”, a term used to describe refugees fleeing harsh conditions in their lives. These “refugees” are barreling through several different international borders, therefore disqualifying themselves as “asylum seekers”.

Joe Biden released a statement saying “Don’t come, you won’t get in immediately” to the caravan.

The incoming administration has promised to end the “strict policies of the Trump administration” at the border. Many Americans fear that this will mean the reinstatement of “catch and release”. This was an immigration tactic used by the Obama administration where illegal aliens would be released into the Country and be provided a court date for their trial. Many of them never showing up.

President Trump took action to end this practice with a program designed to house migrants in Mexico, called the MPP. The program was very successful, preventing many from avoiding trials while living in the United States, but the incoming administration has promised to end the program.

The incoming administration has refused to comment on whether this migrant caravan will be allowed into the United States, but their opposition to the reinstatement of law and order at the border makes it clear. They will allow our Country to be invaded.


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