Authorities have identified the Colorado grocery store shooter as 21 year old Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa of Arvada, Colorado. Alissa was born in Syria and migrated to the United States in 2002. A Daily Beast report revealed that Alissa purchased an AR-15, 5.56 Rifle on March 16, just days before the shooting.

Facebook quickly moved to pull the profile of the shooter, but some were able to capture screenshots before the shooters alleged account was pulled down.

The posts reveal that the shooter was a Trump hating Muslim who often referred to ‘Islamophobia’.

This would of course destroy the “asian hate” narrative that the media has tried to peddle. It further proves that hate knows no color, and that it is present in all kinds of people. Ahmad also made several anti-Trump Facebook posts.

A family member described Alissa as “outgoing until high school” where he was “bullied”.

This is important information. President Biden has already announced that he wants sweeping ‘assault weapon bans’ because of this attack.

It was the disastrous migration policies that allowed this person in to our country in the first place. The government is going to attempt to punish the citizens of this country with a gun ban because of the actions committed by somebody that they brought here?

I am disgusted that our politicians would use such a horrid act of evil to further assault the rights and protections of the American people.

The shooter’s victims range from 20-65, including the first police officer to arrive at the scene, Officer Eric Talley.

Officer Eric Talley was 51 and the father of seven children.

Officer Talley leaves behind seven beautiful children. His heroic act must never be forgotten, and may he rest in peace. Please pray for his family in this awful time.

Let this incident be a reminder to all of us of that thin blue line between us and chaos. Police officers, especially today, experience more trouble than they are paid for. They sacrifice themselves for us, every single day.

Thank a police officer, they deserve it.

Officer Talley is an American Hero.

How Can YOU Help?

The left tells us that the only way to protect everybody is to ban all of the guns. Joe Biden shamelessly came out and called for an assault weapons ban right after addressing the nation about the death of Officer Talley. The Democrats already have the gun ban legislation on the table, and are attempting to “use a crisis”, per usual.

Banning guns will do nothing. Cities with the most strict gun control end up with the most crime. It’s just a fact. Less guns in the hands of the law abiding helps nobody but the criminals.

How can you prevent something like this from happening again?


Apply for a concealed weapons permit, buy a hand gun, and use it! No matter what kind of legislation that is passed, there will ALWAYS be terribly evil people who want to hurt the innocent. If you want to end gun violence, get a gun! It’s that simple.

I don’t have to tell you that this shooter from Colorado should get the death penalty, you already know it. What we need is an armed population to ensure that somebody like Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa isn’t ushered out by police, but carried out in a body bag. We need an armed population that will shoot these lunatics, on site, when they attempt to harm the innocent.

If there are laws in your state impeding you from getting a hand gun, or obtaining a concealed weapon permit, you must begin to make this your NUMBER ONE political issue. It is the fix all for crime.



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