The New York State introduced a resolution to impeach Governor of New York Andrew Cuomo today. Republicans introduced the resolution saying that Governor has lost “credibility and trust”.

This comes after an Attorney General report came out stating that Cuomo’s administration had withheld the true numbers of nursing home deaths in his state by as much as 50%. Cuomo has also had 3+ women accuse him of sexual harassment, including former aides.

Thousands lost their lives due to Governor Cuomo’s ineptitude, deceit, and corruption. He should be removed from office, and it seems that impeachment will have bipartisan support.

Hopefully they can do the right thing, and remove the corrupt king from his taxpayer funded throne.

If you would like to watch him pathetically fake a crying apology on TV, I will include that video below.

Thousands of deaths, sexual harassment accusations from aides, and all he can muster is a few crocodile tears.

What an EMBARRASSMENT to the lovely state of New York!


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