The National Guard has been stationed at the Capitol since the January 6th protest. The troops have put up a twelve foot, non-scalable wall around most of the Government buildings in D.C. The city has become a military zone, reminiscent of Soviet Russia. Military checkpoints, ID checkpoints, armed guards at every entry point.


The latest news is that the Capitol police have requested a National Guard presence of over 5,000 troops for an additional 60 days. The troops have already been there for 63 days. This request would continue occupation until May 2021.

While this seems unbelievable, it is just the beginning.

The task force designated to review the events of January 6th have talked about instituting a permanent “Guard team” in case of emergencies… What are the Capitol Police for????

It seems that “securing the capitol” would be a top priority for the Capitol police, a separate entity controlled exclusively by Congress.

Per usual, does Congress reform their failures to create better answers? NO. They spend more of our money for their ridiculous security force. Common sense has long exited the halls of Congress.

The justification was the threat of “another attack” on March 4th. Nobody attacked. Nobody even showed up. Congress is using empty threats in random internet chat rooms to justify millions of dollars in spending, along with the military occupation of our Capitol. We the People are the rulers of our Country. Not the people in that building. They have no right to bar us from entry like some kid of peasant class. They work for US!

Chinese Camps or the U.S Capitol? I can’t tell!

The arrogance of Congress has been on full display since the Inauguration. The House has passed bills banning voter ID, creating universal mail-in ballots, and legitimizing all kind of voter fraud. They just passed a “COVID Stimulus” with less than 9% of the money going to the people. Sheila Jackson Lee brought forward legislation to ban over 100 million firearms. Now they are weighing permanent military occupation of our Capitol.

Let us not forget how Congress acted toward the people of this country when we overwhelmingly supported the building of a SOUTHERN BORDER WALL. They laughed at us. Called us prehistoric idiots.

It’s amazing how well walls work, FOR THEM!

They had no problem funding, building, or maintaining their wall.

Security for me, but not for thee! They don’t even want you to be able to have a gun to protect your home.



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