The Senate confirmed Joe Biden’s pick for Attorney General today in a vote that showed bipartisan support. Garland was confirmed by a vote of 70-30.

Garland has refused to call the Portland riots “terrorism” because they “happened at night”.

The same man has promised to root out “home grown extremism”. He said about January 6th, “I think this was the most heinous attack on the democratic processes that I’ve ever seen, and one that I never expected to see in my lifetime“.

Does somebody want to remind this guy about 9/11?

Even H.R. 1 is a bigger threat to our REPUBLIC than protestors running around and taking selfies.

I thought that I would compile a short list of all of the ridiculous policies that the Justice Department will be pursuing under Merrick Garland….

1) Banning the Death Penalty

As I have written previously, the United States Government resumed federal executions during Trump’s first term. They executed many vile, disgusting individuals responsible for unbelievable death and carnage. The deaths were done by lethal injection. Some of those executed committed crimes such as murdering teenage girls, murdering multiple children, murdering a grandmother and her granddaughter, or dumping the remains of teenagers in septic ponds.

These people deserved a lot more than lethal injections, but not to Merrick Garland.

He wants to make sure that the worst of the worst are protected while the Government comes after YOU… freedom loving Americans.

2) Allow Gun Manufacturers to Be Sued

Over 98% of mass shootings occur in gun free zones. Does Merrick Garland want to end them, and stop the victim disarmament? Nope.

He wants to make sure that NOBODY can produce guns in this country. Make no mistake, allowing gun manufacturers to be sued is the same thing as closing them down.

3) Ending Illegal Immigration Prosecution

Garland has stated that he “doesn’t know” if his Department of Justice will continue to prosecute illegal immigration. A total slap in the face to every law abiding American. Especially the LEGAL immigrants.

4) Prosecuting Trump Supporters

Garland has said the his first order of business will be to prosecute anybody involved in the January 6th protest. Lets not forget that the DOJ has already made over 200 arrests. Most of the people arrested did not receive bail and are being held until trial, while members of BLM and Antifa involved have long been released.

We, as a country, dodged a bullet when Merrick Garland was rejected from the Supreme Court in 2016. Now he holds the reigns of a justice system bent on punishing Americans.

Lets also not forget the Republicans who allowed this man to grab so much power.

Mitch McConnell endorsed him.

The RINOS will sell us out at every turn. To reform our country and our government, we MUST reform the republican party to the party of America first. We must not have ANY fear standing up for our country, and our values.


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