Aren’t you glad we have an experienced politician in office? Every 4 years, the left ensures us that we need a President with diplomatic experience and political stature. Their fruits are on full display today as President Biden seems to have ruined diplomatic relations with Russia just 57 days into his administration.

Russia has decided to recall their ambassador after President Biden made several inflammatory comments about Russian President Vladimir Putin just last night. The comments were made in Biden’s interview with George Stephanopolous, a man who served as Bill Clinton’s communication director who is also large democrat donor.

The comments come after a U.S. Intelligence Report found that Russia interfered in the 2020 election. The report ALSO found that Iran attempted to influence our election, but there has been next to zero media coverage of that.

This report also found that China did not interfere in our election.

Even though Chinese companies own over 600 movie theaters, and 8,000 movie screens across our country. Along with the companies that produce the movies.

Even though Chinese Companies own most of the music industry in our country.

Even though the Chinese released and lied about the Coronovirus in the first place, this “intelligence” report found no instance of Chinese interference. What an unbelievably crooked report.

Of course, Stephanopolous make no mention of the 48 years of foreign regime change wars that Joe Biden has overseen. Putin has done horribly crooked things… so has Joe Biden.

China is worse than both of them, combined. China is the largest threat to freedom that exists on this earth. Russia is a very powerful, and necessary ally in an alliance against China, especially considering that Russia has the largest nuclear arsenal in the world.

We have a demented old creep for a President being led to make horrible, consequential, disastrous statements on national TV by a KNOWN Clinton Operative, George Stephanopolous. It is almost unbelievable. Stephanopolous could have gotten him to say anything.

Watch the tape. He practically put every single word in “our President’s” mouth. Joey can hardly talk for himself! He looks lost…

This President is endangering our standing in the world. He is being led into huge blunders by reporters with motives and agendas. He is actively destroying one of our most important alliances in the fight against China, while simultaneously ignoring the same exact threats that came from Iran.



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