Launch Liberty released an article just days ago detailing the many concessions being made by Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy as he attempts to secure the position of Speaker of the House. Today, Launch Liberty further exposes McCarthy and his affiliation with some of the most notorious anti-Trumpers in D.C.

McCarthy is a Representative from California, and served in the California State House prior to his ascension to Washington D.C. To shine a light on McCarthy, we invited California activist Christian Vigil of on the Troy Smith Show. Watch that full interview below…

Vigil exposed that Kevin McCarthy supported the ‘Jungle Primary’ system, which inevitably destroyed the chance of having Republican candidates in the general election in a State as heavily Democrat as California.

As I investigated McCarthy researching for this episode, I discovered a video in which McCarthy flat out says that he believes Trump is paid by Vladimir Putin. McCarthy also says that the Russians hacked the DNC on Trump’s behalf. These comments were made in 2016 to then-Speaker Paul Ryan.

The video is also discussed during the show with Christian Vigil, along with several articles in which Paul Ryan denounces Donald Trump while simultaneously giving his stamp of approval to Kevin McCarthy for Speaker of the House.

It cannot be understated that Paul Ryan is probably the most prominent anti-Trump Republican in existence. It was Ryan, McCarthy, and Adam Kinzinger who assisted the Democrats in peddling the phony Steele Dossier. The same Dossier used to obtain FISA warrants to spy on the Trump campaign and Presidency.

McCarthy, along with his predecessor Paul Ryan, have a storied history of being anti-Trumpers, that is, until they need his support to win elections. Shamelessly they seek Trump’s endorsement while stabbing him in the back.

Ryan and McCarthy even released a book together.

It was McCarthy who claimed that Trump should resign after the events of January 6th, even though Trump has now been cleared through the January 6th Committee investigation. His subpoena has been withdrawn, a fact the mainstream media refused to cover.

These are the same Republicans, in a long line of succession, that stem from John McCain. Let us not forget that it was McCain who killed the Republican attempt to repeal Obamacare in 2017.

McCain returned to Congress, though being in a severe state of illness from brain cancer, just to stick the knife in the chances of Republicans repealing one of the most destructive and dangerous bills ever devised. An evil, vindictive, and traitorous move. One of his last requests was that Obama come speak at his funeral. No joke.

We should be under no delusion that Kevin McCarthy, cut from the cloth of Paul Ryan and John McCain, has any intention of serving the will of the American people. His associations tell us everything we need to know about the man.

Tucker Carlson exposed him for living with a Google/Nike/Oxycontin Lobbyist. McCarthy was wrapped up in the FTX scandal.

Launch Liberty revealed that McCarthy took in millions of dollars from Billionaire Paul Singer, the anti-Trump Billionaire who funded the Washington Free Beacon. The Washington Free Beacon started the research that eventually became the Steele Dossier.

Also revealed through that Launch Liberty investigation was that Mitch McConnell also took in a considerable amount of money from Singer. Is this why Republicans are so scared to act? Are they bought off?

Because of Launch Liberty, we know the truth. Kevin McCarthy can never become House Speaker.





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