Launch Liberty Exposes the Maryland Uniparty

A Launch Liberty exclusive investigation has discovered that many establishment Republicans within the State of Maryland have been accepting donations from Democrat Nominee Wes Moore’s donors.

These donors happen to be associated with the Medical Marijuana industry, which is vying for recreational marijuana legalization on the ballot this November.

Launch Liberty has extensively researched all 17 licensed growers of cannabis in the State of Maryland.

I discovered that SunMed Growers, a licensed cannabis grower in Cecil County, Maryland, donated $3000 to Wes Moore back in December of 2021.

That same company has also given to many other Democrats in this cycle, they include Democrat Nominee for Attorney General of Maryland Anthony Brown, and radical Democrat Nominee for Comptroller. Brooke Lierman.

I was shocked to discover that this same company donated to many Republicans across the State of Maryland.

SunMed gave $3500 to Steve Hershey, Republican State Senator from District 36.

Sunmed Growers also donated to Republican Representative in District 7 to the Maryland House of Delegates Kathy Szeliga. Szeliga is currently running in District 7A.

This cannabis growing company also donated to Republican Delegate Robin Grammer in District 6.

SunMed also donated to wife of MDGOP Dirk Haire, Jessica Haire, who is the Republican nominee for Anne Arundel County Executive.

This is definitive proof that the same donors supporting and promoting the most radical elements of the 2022 Democratic ticket are also funding establishment Republicans.

SunMed also donated to Barry Glassman, who was caught donating to Democrat Wes Moore in this very election cycle.

I also discovered that SunMed has donated to Larry Hogan in the past, and also donated to Kelly Schulz during this election cycle.

There is no denying the facts. There is no difference between those backing the Maryland Republicans and Democrats. This is something that Launch Liberty has been investigating and publishing exclusively for months.

How can two political parties that are supposed to be diametrically opposed to each other have the exact same financial backers?

As I continued to investigate the Maryland Campaign Finance Data, I continued to discover further evidence which confirmed my findings.

I found that another licensed cannabis grower, Curio Cultivation, donated to a similar group of politicians. Curio also donated to Wes Moore, Brooke Lierman, and Anthony Brown.

Curio gave a total of $5000 to Democrat Wes Moore’s running mate, Aruna Miller.

Launch Liberty has discovered that Curio donated to the Republicans Kathy Szeliga (District 7A) and Senator Steve Hershey (District 36).

The same can be said for Larry Hogan, and Kelly Schulz. Curio donated to Schulz, Hogan’s choice for Governor in the 2022 race. Once Schulz lost the primary to Dan Cox, the Hogan donors lined up behind Wes Moore.

How can Republicans reconcile the fact that Launch Liberty has repeatedly revealed their financial supporters are consistently donating to Democrats?

Considering that there are only 17 cannabis grower contracts currently issued in the State of Maryland, it is clear why many of the 17 are close political allies with Hogan.

Hogan issued the contracts. He decided who received the licenses to grow pot.

Gary Mangum, a prolific Hogan supporter who has donated over $150k to the Republican State Central Committee since 2018 alone, owns one of those 17 companies.

His outfit is called ‘ForwardGro’. Mangum has been exposed for donating to Democrats and Hogan-Republicans in a previous investigation I conducted.

Reports claim that the Maryland Medical Marijuana Industry generated over $600 million in the year 2021 alone. With so much money up for grabs, it is clear why politicians have gotten greedy.

Could it be that they only truly care about furthering their financial interests, above representing the interests of the people?

The issue of Medical Marijuana has clearly revealed, through this investigation conducted by Launch Liberty, that the same Republicans who funded Larry Hogan are completely in the tank for the Democrats in 2022.

Launch Liberty has detailed the fact that the Republican State Central Committee has failed to support their nominees in 2022.

The biggest insult is pointed directly at the voters, who these opportunistic politicians wish to deceive. They want us to have the illusion of choice…

Launch Liberty’s exclusive investigation reveals the truth. There is no choice. The Republicans and Democrats in Maryland are two sides of the exact same CORRUPT coin.





  1. Truly sickening. The people need to know. Thank you for exposing the greed of both parties candidates. I have not taken a dime from big money donors or PAC’s. Our government is supposed to be of, for and by the people.

  2. Kelly Shultz is Big Pharma Endorsed & $upported. Lock Down Larry Hogan has Hand Groomed Shultz for Coronation. Gov RINO Hogan was Endorsed & Financed by every Maryland Union. The Unions didn’t Support Hogan’s Socialist Opponent Ben Jealous. Hogan Campaign Promised No New Gun Control Laws. Yet Gun Grab Hogan Kept Signing Gun Control & Gun Confiscation Schemes. Kelly Shultz is On Board with Globalist Gun Confiscation, Mandatory Vaccines, Quarantine Camps, Vaccine Passports & Lock Downs.

  3. Businesses donate to candidates in Maryland. It is legal. No one is whining about some Republicans donating money to Democratic central committees. But you whine about a business that many people now said Marijuana is legal.

    Literally when elections don’t go your way you use Mike Lindell.

    The RINO is Launchliberty.


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