Before Wes Moore became Governor of Maryland, he served as the CEO of an organization called the Robin Hood Foundation. Moore accepted this position on April 25th, 2017. A statement posted on the Robin Hood foundation website acknowledging Moore joining as CEO from the time reads…

New York, NY, April 25, 2017—Robin Hood, the largest poverty-fighting organization in New York, announced today that Wes Moore, a nationally prominent social advocate, will become its Chief Executive Officer.

Moore, 38, is a social entrepreneur, decorated army combat veteran, and bestselling author. He spent much of his childhood in the Bronx. He is the author of The Other Wes Moore and The Work, instant New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestsellers that captured the nation’s attention on what draws the line between success and failure in our communities.

Moore joined a team of some of the most influential people in America, including the all-powerful Harvey Weinstein. Weinstein served on the Board of Directors when Moore was hired as CEO, eventually resigning from of the foundation in October of 2017 over allegations of sexual assault and rape.

A report on Weinstein’s departure from Robin Hood in October of 2017 reads…

Until this weekend, movie mogul Harvey Weinstein had been a fixture on the board of the Robin Hood Foundation. But, facing snowballing accusations of sexual harassment and assault, he has stepped down from his seat among New York’s high flyers. Paul Tudor Jones, the foundation’s founder, similarly resigned as a board member of the Weinstein Co. around the same time, thus completing the statement.

Weinstein was later convicted on charges of sexual assault and rape, being sentenced to a total of 36 years in prison. What does this tie to Weinstein say about Maryland Governor Wes Moore and the company that he keeps?

It would appear that Moore has utilized this connection. Weinstein is a known close associate of Oprah Winfrey. See a few pictures of Weinstein and Winfrey below…

Winfrey has promoted Moore throughout his career, elevating his books and interviewing him multiple times. Is Weinstein the one who connected Wes Moore and Oprah?

One of the largest donors to the Robin Hood foundation is none other than billionaire Democrat mega-donor George Soros. Soros has reportedly give Robin Hood over $50 Million. Though this donation was made in 2009, it reveals the depth to which the claws of the darkest forces in the world had already been sunken into Robin Hood.

Their Board members include Jacklyn Bezos, and opponent of Wes Moore in the 2022 gubernatorial Democrat primary, Jon King. King also served as the Secretary of Education under President Barack Obama.

Remember, Robin Hood chose Wes Moore. Harvey Weinstein and company decided that they wanted Wes Moore to be their leader… Why?

Launch Liberty has been consistent in pointing out the support given to Governor Wes Moore by former Republican Maryland Governor Larry Hogan. We detailed several Hogan mega-donors who supported Moore.

We also detailed some of Moore’s donors during the 2022 Election.

Moore has also slandered the Republican nominee for the State Board of Elections, William T. Newton. Moore falsely claimed that Newton had been charged with ‘moral turpitude’ upon rejecting his nomination, a completely unfounded and libelous statement. Newton has never been found guilty of any crime.

With ties to Harvey Weinstein, is Governor Wes Moore the one who is truly guilty of ‘moral turpitude’?

Maryland Governor Wes Moore has serious ties to one of the most nefarious, evil characters in recent memory, Harvey Weinstein. What was his relationship with Weinstein like? Why has Moore never addressed his connection to the most infamous sexual criminal of our time?

Perhaps our audience should politely urge Governor Moore to address this matter publicly through his website. The People deserve to know the truth about their Governor’s connection to Harvey Weinstein.

Launch Liberty will continue to expose the truth.


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