By: Ben Goss

This undeclared War on the American Nuclear family in its various forms attacks our Fifth, Eighth, Ninth and Tenth Amendment rights.  There are multiple trends at work here, but they are most insidiously and aggressively being pursued against our children in our schools.

They are more overt and obvious in our media and our entertainment.  Social conservatives have been warning for years that the aggressive LGBTQ community is actively and aggressively seeking to redefine society by eliminating the traditional definition of the family.

50 years of LGBTQ pride showcased in protests, parades - WHYY

The late 2010s has seen aggressive movement by a very smaller percentage of the population (<3%) that seek to redefine gender, our expression of it, and even the underpinnings of the nuclear family.  This is having serious and disastrous expressions in the promulgation of a curriculum that exposes children as young as kindergarten to questions and concepts about sexuality – a time when all they should be concerned with is developing healthy age appropriate relationships and play.

This morally reprehensible and intellectually stunted movement is successfully redesigning the public discussion and expression of sex, sexuality and gender in ways that are damaging to young children.

Sex education dominates start of Arizona legislative session at Capitol

At least one study provides evidence that gender dysphoria is often accompanied by multiple additional mental health stresses and struggles.  It is not healthy to tell someone that their biological gender is not their gender.  That’s like insisting that Santa Claus is real when we know he’s a fictional character, only the ramifications are far worse.  

Attacking the standard definition of the nuclear family has not continued long enough as yet for us to understand the long-term implications for society.  But what we can see in both Europe and the United States is that as we have become “more enlightened” about sexuality and gender, birth rates have continued to fall such that the birth rate has fallen below the replacement rate of 2.1. 

At an average birth rate of 2.1 a population is considered stable neither increasing nor decreasing.  This is also the replacement rate that is needed for stable economic growth and development.

Americans' declining birth rates set to hit housing market - Colorado  Builder Magazine

The current challenge for Europe is that the non-Muslim population is growing at rates between 1.1 and 1.6 per woman far below the replacement rate.  Whereas the Muslim population is growing at a rate of roughly 3.1 per woman.  While the United States is growing at an overall faster rate than Europe, it is the Hispanic-Latino population that is driving non-Muslim growth rates, whereas Caucasian replacement rates are lower.

  So it would seem that what Muslims were unable to do during the middle ages through military force, they may end up doing through unchecked immigration in the 21st Century – conquer Europe. 

European Muslims feel part of Europe but when will European society  reciprocate? –

What is the point? 

The attack on the nuclear family is a threat to national security because it undermines our economic growth.  Unstable families result in an unstable economy.  The issues of the LGBTQ community are simply an expression of one aspect of this problem.  We have a societal problem with the dissolution of the nuclear family – and the liberal progressive agenda appears intent on accelerating that trend.

Add to this, now state governments around the country are forcefully removing children from homes because of the refusal to administer vaccines.  In fact, from 1905 to 2016, there are 9 known cases and 7 of which considered refusal to vaccinate as the proximate and primary cause.  Specifically noted:

 Although child welfare laws vary by state, the legal concept of medical neglect has a common denominator. New York’s law is paradigmatic: a neglected child is one whose “condition has been impaired or is in imminent danger of becoming impaired” because the parent has failed “to exercise a minimum degree of care in supplying the child with adequate” health care.

If you love Freedom, you have children and you live in New York State – you may want to consider moving.  Because not only are they determining how to set up “detention centers,” they are also willing to forcibly remove your children.  Some in the media are calling for fines of parents who refuse to vaccinate.

Topic · Child protective services ·

Think this is an overreaction?  Read this story about a family that had ALL of their children taken away by police in the middle of the night by Chandler, Arizona police.  While there has been discussion that it may or may not have had a vaccine component, here is the point:

It took almost three months for the children to be returned to this family, and even then the state of Arizona “retains decision making authority.” And this is a GOP-leaning state!

Solution:  Remove sex education from schools completely.  This should be placed in the socio-economic circles of the family and religious institutions.  There should never be any discussion of sex or gender in public education.  The state has no role and should have no role here.  Their involvement has resulted in a wholesale disaster for children across this country; the long-term impacts of which we have yet to see.

Any chance this will change:  Until Americans connect the dots between healthy population growth and stable families, a fact that is being aggressively attacked by the liberal elite – there is not much hope that this will change for the better.  Patriotic Americans need to re-embrace the role of the man as the father, and the role of the nuclear family in a healthy, stable economy secured by a technologically advanced military that no one wants to tangle with. We can remain the light of the world or simply dissolve into irrelevance.  Look at Great Britain – in the 19th Century the sun never set on the British Empire of Queen Victoria.  Today, they are a ghost of their former brilliance and economic might.   






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