CORRUPTION: More Than 100 Batches Of Ballots MISSING In Fulton County Where Stacey Abrams Was In Control of Staffing

It’s all starting to come together now. John Solomon is now reporting that over 100 batches of ballots are reportedly missing from Fulton County, Georgia.

As we reported just Wednesday, it was a firm financed by top Democrat Stacey Abrams that was in control of the staffing for Fulton County.

Family of GA secretary of state got death threats months after election -  CNN Video

The Office of Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger was reportedly aware of these anomalies all the way back in November, yet he did nothing. He still allowed the fraudulent vote totals to become official, giving us Joe Biden.

Just The News Reports that…

1) More than 100 batches of absentee ballots — each containing approximately 100 or more ballots — were assigned tracking numbers before being sent to one of the five absentee vote-counting machines in Fulton County but are not subsequently recorded in the handwritten logs showing which batches were scanned and counted, raising concerns the ballots may be missing.

2) More than two dozen batches of absentee ballots were identified as having been double-scanned on the tally sheets.

3)Five sequential batches of absentee votes each appeared with the exact same vote count of 392 for Biden, 96 for President Donald Trump, and 3 for Libertarian Jo Jorgensen, a count that state officials admitted was a statistical impossibility.

4) Many control sheets for absentee ballot batches counted during the state’s audit did not check a box indicating the ballot came from a secure container, raising the possibility that ballots were stored insecurely or that multiple batches of ballots were sealed in a single container.

These findings come from the ordered audit that was ordered on May 24th. We wrote about that here.

On May 28th, 145,000 absentee ballots were unsealed to be examined in Fulton County, Georgia. Now we are seeing the reason that post election audits are so important.

Even though the DOJ has been posturing against these efforts, they are finding legitimate instances of fraud in some of the largest counties in our country. These counties determined the outcome of our election. We are now finding out, for certain, that there were significant instances of fraud in nearly every single one of them.

Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffenspreger’s office just launched an investigation into the missing chain of custody documents on ballots left in drop boxes in Fulton County.

Of course, outlets like Launch Liberty have been reporting on these anomalies from the very beginning. The fraudulent 2020 election is what spurred this site into action.

This isn’t wild conspiracy theory. It is fact. The 2020 Election was a complete fraud.

We now know that Mark Zuckerberg was funding Georgia election administrations at uneven levels. Out of a total donation of $419 Million (which shouldn’t be allowed anyway), Zuckerberg spent $50 Million in Georgia alone.

The fix was in. Abrams was running the show, Big Tech was funding it. The only question we are left with is when are our elected officials going to take action. We cannot sit by and allow this Communist, Marxist, regime of Chinese spies to continue to run our country.

The CIA Director is totally compromised by the CCP. Iran is being strengthened like never before, just having made a monstrous 25 year oil deal with China.

Inflation is skyrocketing. The average American is being destroyed by consumer price increases. The spending continues, and so does the incompetence. Lock downs and forced vaccinations are killing our country.

We the People must elect AMERICA FIRST, not just Republican, leadership if we want to get out of this. We need to elect people who are willing to hold the guilty accountable.

This is America. We are a FREE people. We will remain free. We will work to remove this fraudulent administration as soon as possible.





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