By: Ben Goss

Let’s face it – scientists love to scare us with the penchant that so many have for horror films why is anyone surprised?  In the 1970s the big scare was the approaching new “ice age.”  Scientists were warning of massive cooling trends that would cool things off.  Then in the early 1980’s it was acid rain – a legitimate problem in some parts of the world.

  Now, as the 1980’s waned and we ramped up climate issues in the 1990’s the new fear was “Global Warming.”  Now as we exit the 2010s, the fear is an amorphous concept called “climate change.”  This can be construed as a war against the Fifth, Ninth and Tenth Amendments.   

The reality is that Climate-Mongering is all about power, control and money.  The destruction of a whole host of working class jobs in the American energy sector destabilizes our economy, and makes winners out of unproven “green” technologies which contribute to environmental damage in less developed countries.

  Al Gore has amassed an estimated $200MM+ fear-mongering climate change.  Nothing he predicted in the early 2000s has come true. 

Should we respect the environment? Absolutely. 

Should we prevent pollution?  No question. 

Should we destroy whole sectors of the American economy and create a “carbon-tax” based economy to “minimize” the impacts of fossil fuels on our world?  Hell no.

Climate change is a stupid name and concept – let’s be honest.  That’s like saying “weather changes.”  No s*** Sherlock.  The problem is that in most cases, the so-called emergencies and problems that are posited by so-called climate-change scientists.  The resulting policies are simply thinly veiled attempts designed to control economies, hurt the middle class, and create another way for the elite to make more money and to keep the middle income and lower income classes down.  This is classic class warfare veiled in the words of science and pseudo-morality.

There is no massive consensus on the causes of “Climate Change” and the idea that an increase in the gas that plants have as a primary source of nutrients – carbon dioxide – is literally non-sensical.  When the data is actually scientifically examined what we find is that the earth has been through multiple macro-environmental shifts over millennia both up and down.  To suggest that we now have data to support macro-environmental changes due to anthropogenic causes is foolish and statistically improbable.

Last, the whole consensus mantra purported by scientists, the UN, and the liberal progressive media machine is not a scientific mantra.  Since when have we allowed “consensus” to drive scientific facts.  Anthropogenic Climate Change is un-proven scientific THEORY.  Consensus is simply a social opinion fact.  Just because 99.99% of the scientists in Galileo’s day believed the world was flat didn’t make it true.

Climate change is global—but climate journalism isn't

  In fact, he was convicted of heresy and commanded to no longer teach that the world is round.  It was 300 years before the church admitted it was wrong.  And it took a mountain of evidence and three centuries to correct that error.  The church at the time was both a political authority and a religious authority. 

Today’s Secular Humanists are following the religion of Atheism, or agnosticism for those who claim to be more enlightened.  Just because there is a social consensus among scholars of the same opinion, does not render that opinion scientifically true.  So – its time to call BS on those who suggest that we should create public policy over an unproven theory with doctored data developed to promote an economic agenda that benefits a select few “enlightened elitists.”

Solution: There are positive things accomplished when we limit the effects of pollution.  No question we need to prevent the negative effects of industrial pollution on our waters and air.  The United States has made massive strides in this area.  However, we need to stop the scientific manipulation of data for the purpose of political bias, to the economic benefit of some, and the long-term detriment of others.

Why it’s likely to continue:  In the words of Nazi Germany’s propaganda king, Joseph Goebbels “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.”  The liberal left and anti-American media are committed to this lie.  And too many people are caught up in the hyper-emotionalism of “Saving the Planet” even though it’s been demonstrated on multiple occasions that the data has been manipulated.  





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