The Maricopa County Board of Supervisors has come out with a public statement BEGGING for the end of the Maricopa County audit. Officials from the board held a press conference with the local sheriff just yesterday. They pleaded for the audit to end ‘for the sake of our country’.

Sounds to me like a bunch of folks panicking at the idea of the truth being revealed.

Look at the smug face being made while the question is being asked. Not just one person. Nearly every person in the video has an absolute scowl on their face.

The Board also penned a letter to Senate President Karen Fann that was never sent. You can see part of that ‘leaked’ letter above. Again, the letter was never sent to Arizona Senate leader Karen Fann.

The fact that this SHAMELESS Board of Supervisors would send the letter to the media, and not the person in control of the audit process shows exactly what is going on here. A propaganda war. As you can see from the video, this pathetic bunch has absolutely zero power to stop the audit.

They simply want to create enough media pressure to stop it.

The Arizona legislature controls the audit process. There is absolutely NOTHING that these fools can do, other than create a bunch of fake media narratives.

These are the actions from a group of people that look extremely guilty. Their underhanded tactics and absolute pathetic behavior is all the more reason to look into their activities.

Reportedly, the Board has been fighting the audit process the entire way…

WHY fight a simple audit? Are they scared of what it might uncover? What are they hiding??



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