The Arizona Democratic Party failed to stop the largest forensic audit in American history on Friday when they could not post the $1 million required by a judge.

The Judge ruled that in order to temporarily halt the audit, Democrats would have to pay $1 million. They were unable to come up with the money, so the audit will continue.

Getting the audit started has been a strenuous process. Democrats have sued at every opportunity, even preventing the audit from taking place in a public venue. The venue for the audit had to be rented.

You can read all about the numbers for Arizona, and Maricopa County in this article here.

President Trump issued a statement regarding the matter.

Again, this is an audit. This is not a re-vote. They are not altering ballots. They are simply investigating the ballots in order to determine that every ballot cast was legitimate and legal.

This audit ensures that the person who cast the ballot was a legal, registered voter.

Last night, the liberal talking heads were losing their collective minds. Chris Hayes went on TV and actually accused the auditors of marking ballots with pens in order to ‘skew things for Trump’.

Rachel Maddow was in FULL panic mode.

Watch as Maddow stares at the camera and says “they have the ballots”. Maddow then goes on to attempt to get out in front of the coming truth bomb. She states that any ‘fraud’ found will be a fraud itself.

Seems like projection. The people in Arizona voted for a Republican legislator. They voted for the representatives who called for the audit.

The polling shows that the American people have their doubts about this election. Even 20-30% of DEMOCRATS believe the election was stolen from Trump.

We the People DESERVE to know exactly what happened on November 3, 2020.

While Biden campaigned as a moderate, his policies have reflected somebody who is further left than Barack Obama.

Just a few days ago, Biden announced his new ‘climate plan’ with China. In Biden’s plan, Americans would be forced to reduce their red meat intake by 90%. Leaving only 4 pounds per American, per year.

It is pure insanity for a President to suggest that he could control the diet of any American. It is a sign of what lies beneath this administration. A sinister departure from what Biden said he was going to do.

What we are seeing is a partisan power grab by the universally hated Uniparty. Forces from RINO Republicans and Statist Democrats teamed up in order to remove President Trump, unconstitutionally and unlawfully.

They wanted Trump gone so that they could have their way with the American people.

The media would usually be all over such a ‘juicy’ story, however, they tend not to get involved when they have stake in the tyranny.

Based on what I have seen, I believe that this media is absolutely in bed with the Democratic party. Whether it was Clinton getting debate questions prior to the debate from Donna Brazille, or the Project Veritas leaks detailing CNN’s fear mongering agenda.

The people on TV have made their position clear, they DO NOT want us to see the results of this forensic audit.

I don’t know about you all, but that makes me want to see the results ALL THE MORE.

As Democrats continue to attempt to stop the truth from being revealed, Republicans are pressing harder than ever before in Arizona.

Trump even urged the Arizona National Guard to be deployed in order to protect the auditing process from violent attacks.

Republicans in Georgia are set to press for a similar kind of audit in Georgia in the coming weeks.

The TRUTH about this election will be revealed.

I encourage you to watch the live stream of the audit HERE.




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