Michigan Democrat Jewell Jones was arrested last week for DUI, resisting arrest, and weapons possession.

Jones can be seen getting wrestled to the ground after he refuses to comply with the arrest process. Jones went on to say “It’s not going to be good for you, I’m telling you. I run y’alls budget, bro”

The most amazing part of the video is towards the end. Jones is on the ground, being arrested for resisting arrest. He then begins to say that ‘When he calls Gretchen’ he needs multiple things. Badge numbers, IDs, names.

Jones is a member of the Michigan State House. He represents the 11th district of Michigan. Jones was elected in 2017, and his term ends in 2022.

Whether it be Gretchen Whitmer, the Governor of Michigan, who took a vacation to Florida after telling Michiganders not to travel, or Jones arrogantly yelling in the face of police that he ‘runs their budget’, the Michigan Democrats are completely out of control.

Michigan has been one of the hardest hit States when it comes to government lock downs. Gretchen Whitmer had actually ordered that home improvement stores stop selling certain items because they ‘weren’t necessary’.

These Democrats are corrupt, inept, arrogant, and pompous.

The Michigan Democrats home page shows a graphic that states ‘Facing The Rising Sun: Black Leadership in the Michigan Legislature.’ Jewell Jones is in that graphic.

What a fine leader he is. Resisting arrest, carrying loaded firearms. and driving while being twice as drunk as the legal limit, AND rolling his car into a ditch… all at the same time.

Keep in mind, this is the exact same Jewell Jones that has fought against the gun rights of Michiganders. He can be seen in the following video refusing to support permit-less carry.

Remember, Jones was caught with a gun. He carries a weapon, but prevents law abiding Americans from having access to fire arms. This is the modern Democrat party. ‘Rules for thee, but not for me’

Jones went on to complain about ‘senseless gun violence’ and ‘untrained handling of firearms’. This is the same man drunk driving and fighting cops after crashing his car into a ditch.

Jones is facing up to two years in prison for his crimes.

I hope that the people of Michigan see this party for exactly what it is… a hypocritical, power hungry group of fiends who will do anything to protect and expand their own power.


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