Last week, I reported that the Feds had a plan to arrest Derek Chauvin inside of the courthouse had he been found ‘not guilty’ on any of the three counts. That came from the Star Tribune.

Not only were Feds ready to pounce, but angry protestors also surrounded the courthouse, many of them spouting off that if Chauvin was not found guilty, that they would ‘burn the city down’.

Now we have evidence that a political activist may have infiltrated the jury. Juror #52, Brandon Mitchell, has been revealed to be a staunch Black Lives Matter supporter.

He can be seen wearing a Black Lives Matter hat in a Facebook posting from August 31, 2020. Mitchell is also wearing a t-shirt with a picture of Martin Luther King Jr that reads ‘Get Your Knees Off Our Necks’ with BLACK POWER fists. This was taken after attending the August 28th, 2020 BLM protest in Washington D.C.

When Mitchell became a juror, he swore impartiality. He swore, under oath, that he had not attended any George Floyd protests when he was selected.

In my opinion, this is grounds to throw out the entire case. You obviously had a biased, lying juror in #52. Not to mention the feds lurking in the back room, along with the riotous mob outside.

The judge made a massive mistake in not declaring a mistrial.

No matter your stance of the subject matter of the case, it is rather obvious that Derek Chauvin was not afforded a legitimate legal process.

In a podcast appearance, Brandon Mitchell said that he encourages other activists to get into juries in order to ‘see some change’. Mitchell disregards justice, the rule of law, and the legitimacy of court.

Everybody seems scared to say that this trial was absolutely absurd. It was kangaroo court. It was a mockery of the United States Justice system.

You can argue and debate the case matter as much as you want. The truth of the matter is that the case was not conducted within the confines of the law. Actions were taken by members of Congress, the sitting President, the sitting Vice President, the protestors, the media, and now AT LEAST one juror to prevent real justice from prevailing.

We already know that this juror, Brandon Mitchell, completely lied in order to get on this jury. He pretended to not know about the George Floyd case in order to sneak into the jury and ‘see change’. He has basically admitted that.

Let us hope that an appeal can take place outside of the city being held hostage by the riotous mob. In that way, we can have an honest determination as to the innocence or guilt of Derek Chauvin.

This case was politicized, bastardized, and spun out of control by a system bent on creating division.

People like Brandon Mitchell will support illegal political prosecution until it is happening to them. Then it won’t be labeled awe-inspiring change, but an evil abuse of power.

The facts are clear. This trial was a bad joke.


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