Back during the 2022 Election cycle Launch Liberty documented several instances of connections between Republican Governor Larry Hogan and then-Democrat nominee for Governor Wes Moore. Back in September we documented the connection between Hogan mega-donor Gary Mangum and Moore.

We also documented the Hogan MDGOP’s lack of support for Republican gubernatorial nominee Dan Cox. The MDGOP raised over $1.1 Million for Hogan in 2018, yet gave no support to Cox.

Today Launch Liberty is exposing yet another tie between Hogan and Moore. This time through the Ronald Reagan Institute. Former Maryland Governor Larry Hogan serves as the Honorary Chairman of the Steering Committee of the Reagan Institute. Hogan serves with prominent anti-Trump RINO Jeb Bush. See a screenshot from a recent flier confirming this information below…

Over the last two days, the Reagan Institute has hosted a conference in Washington D.C. called ‘RISE 2023’. It stands for the Reagan Institute Summit on Education. The attendees and speakers include First Lady Jill Biden, Condoleezza Rice, Bill Kristol, Asa Hutchinson, Chuck Todd, and others.

Larry Hogan delivered the opening remarks today at 8:30am. Jill Biden delivered her remarks at 12:20pm.

Why would a Republican Governor invite the First Lady of the most vicious Administration that America has ever seen to speak at his conference? This is simply further evidence of where the political alliances of Larry Hogan actually reside. He may claim to be a Republican, but Larry Hogan operates as a Democrat in every sense of the word.

You wouldn’t need to look further than his dismal handling of the COVID-19 pandemic to understand just how dangerous Larry Hogan was to the citizens of Maryland. As he continues to put distance between the office of Governor and himself, Hogan has now openly touted his partnership with some of the most powerful and evil political individuals in the United States of America.

As we reported back in the 2022 Election cycle, Larry Hogan was in full support of the Democrat nominee for Governor Wes Moore. Further evidence of this fact was revealed today, as Governor Wes Moore also appeared as a speaker at the RISE 2023 conference in Washington D.C. See proof of that below….

Also appearing on the Steering Committee is John B. King, another Democrat candidate for Governor during the 2022 Election cycle. King was defeated by Moore in the Democrat primary.

While Hogan has left the Governor’s Mansion, and Dirk Haire has stepped away from his position as MDGOP Chairman, many remnants of the Hogan MDGOP remain in place.

Nicolee Ambrose, a Hogan disciple and notorious anti-Trump political hack, still serves as the MDGOP Committeewoman to the RNC. David Bossie also still serves as the MDGOP Committeeman to the RNC.

Hogan is doing a fantastic job of outlining the political alliances that he, and most definitely those around him, share. If we fail to recognize these alliances, forgoing truth in favor of the losing mantra of the lesser of two evils, the MDGOP as a whole will be destined for continued failure and irrelevance.

When Republicans allow their values to be desecrated under the guise of a false promise of political hope, all who benefit are the powerful politicians. Those who fail to recognize these truths are the reason for Maryland’s descent into communist hell… To the cheers of Larry Hogan and his friend Wes Moore.

Launch Liberty will continue to expose the truth.


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